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Entertainment in Japan


Japan offers tourists a wide range of perfect pleasure and entertainment. The parks and museums, classical and modern theatres, Nightclubs, shops, ski resorts, tea ceremonies, childrens theme parks, fancy restaurants, musical concerts, fireworks and much more.

Classical performing arts

Japanese Noh theater is a highly artistic theatrical art, existing for over 700 years. The deeply symbolic art But has its roots in the ancient rites of the Shinto religion. Performances are on stage, resembling a Shinto Shrine. The actors wear masks, their movements subtle and refined, and the costumes are rich and luxury. This kind of classical art performed in Tokyo’s National Noh theater, theaters Nohgakudo Jose, Kanza Nohgakudo and Keith Nohgakudo in Tokyo. In the Kansai region But the performances are put on stage Kanze Kaikan in Kyoto and Nogaku Kaikan in Osaka. However, it is considered that performances of the theatre But is best perceived in an open space, on bright, lit up by lanterns representations in the temples.

Kabuki – the Japanese classical drama, with spectacular costumes and decorations, with bright makeup. The plot is typically dramatic and includes a dance battle with swords and much more. The best place for performances of Kabuki performances in Tokyo is the Kabuki-za in Ginza, where the performances are held throughout the year. Also on the Ginza Kabuki performances are held in the theater of Shimbashi Ambuja, while the Japanese national theatre, located next to the Imperial Palace, from time to time takes a touring Kabuki performance.

Bunraku – a sophisticated form of puppet theatre: each of the wooden and porcelain dolls in size ¾ of human growth is controlled by three puppeteers; the story is told to the accompaniment of the shamisen. Bunraku performances are held at the National Bunraku theatre in Osaka and National theatre in Tokyo.


The choice of entertainment available in Japanese cities is so vast that visitors are best to join the night tour. There are even special night tours with dinner in the restaurant traditional Japanese cuisine and local attractions.

In Tokyo the best places for night entertainment with good food, drinks and entertainment are:

Roppongi, a rich international flavor;

the upscale and elegant Ginza district, literally surrounded by the neon lights;

a more conservative Akasaka district; youth and bustling Shibuya area;

and “hot” the kabukicho district in Shinjuku.

In large cities are common, discos and night clubs, frequented mainly by young people. In Tokyo, in Roppongi a lot of elite places for recreation of adults, and Shibuya – the Mecca of dance for young people.


Japan – country of culinary delights, and proves that even world-famous Michelin guide. However, delicious food – it’s not anything that can please the restaurant. For lovers of exotic, thrills and just new bright impressions, we have prepared a short review of unusual restaurants in Japan where you can not only delicious to eat but also to look around.

The ninja NINJA restaurant AKASAKA

The restaurant ’s Ninja Akasaka” is located in Tokyo’s Akasaka district. They say that their attention this place is not bypassed even celebrities, such as Director Steven Spielberg and singer Lady Gaga.

The concept is this: the guests visiting the restaurant are entertained by ninjas. The whole interior is also made like a secret hiding place of the legendary Japanese warriors. Behind the unremarkable door you will find a maze leading to the village ninja. The restaurant menu includes dishes from various culinary traditions around the world, including Japanese, French and Chinese cuisine. Serving dishes is not inferior to the unusual interior-for example, the already familiar foie Gras served with crackers in the shape of a shuriken.

Robot restaurant Robot Restaurant

Huge robots, motorcycles, beautiful dancers in different costumes, gleaming floors, colorful lights, mirrors, Japanese drums, enchanting show – all of this awaits visitors to the restaurant ’s Robot Restaurant” in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. During the meal, guests watch a great show, which lasts about 1.5 hours. During the change of scenery visitors can freely take pictures with the robots. The decor in the restaurant is reminiscent of carnival in Rio, only a very modern and futuristic.

Japanese guests also can look into the restaurant “Lockup”, stylized as a prison. It offers “arrested” right at the entrance and are planted at a table, surrounded by metal bars. In Tokyo’s Ginza vampire cafe is located “red Cafe”, inspired by the legend of the bloody Count Dracula. There are a lot of red, of blood, crosses, coffins and other vampire elements of dark aesthetics. Fans of less severe and more romantic sensations should go in the restaurants, decorated in the style «Alice in Wonderland”. Visitors expect fancy interiors, but also unusual dishes and drinks.

These are just a few examples of the great variety of restaurants for every taste, and only the inquisitive traveler will find these places. Importantly, pre-book a table and make sure that the restaurant has moved and not closed for renovations. But these searches are worth it, because Japan – this is not only ancient temples and rich Museum collections. It is also a land of entertainment, adventure and fun.


Any traveler to Japan can easily quench your thirst. In addition to Western-style bars in the cities, you have the following traditional places plenty fun:

“Izakaya”, the pubs in the Japanese style, offer beer, Japanese sake, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks as well as snacks. The advantage of institutions of this type in that they are open until late at night. The prices here are quite reasonable.

“Karaoke” is one of the most popular forms of night entertainment in Japan. Usually this type of institutions includes a number of rooms equipped with karaoke equipment. Group visitors can take a well priced room to enjoy singing, drinks and snacks. In many places Karaoke has a great selection of popular songs with English lyrics.