Festival city Th San
  Since ancient times in every culture the birth of a child is one of the most important events in the life of the family. The Japanese, following an ancient magical rituals, designed to protect…

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The Radiation level in Japan
  Radiation level in Japan dangerous yet only plant workers. For residents of other territories of the consequences of failure can occur if radiation will last at an elevated level. To predict the situation in…

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Tour operator for Asia
  Sometimes want to drop everything and spontaneously, long did not hesitate to go on a special journey that will have no analogues and will be remembered for years to come. The best country for…

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Tokyo – Capital of Japan

Tokyo, and until 1869 the city of Edo is one of the youngest cities of Japan. The date of its Foundation is considered to be April 8, 1457 g — completion of a small Edo castle. By the end of the XVI century these lands became the estates of powerful nobles Ieyasu Tokugawa (1543-1616), who managed to estimate the location of the Edo as a strategically and economically viable and decided to build his residence here. There is a new, more powerful castle, around which developed the city of Edo.

1603 with the Edo city already became the residence of the shogun, de facto ruler of the country, which title was achieved by winning the war between feudal clans in Japan, Ieyasu Tokugawa. The Tokugawa had ruled Japan for two and a half centuries, and this period was called the “Edo period”. The Tokugawa shoguns relied on the isolation of the country from the rest of the world. All subjects of the Japanese Empire were forbidden to leave the country and contact with foreigners.

Edo developed as the centre of actual management of the country, and to the XVIII century its population already estimated at over a million people. The Edo period was characterized by political stability, Continue reading

Study in Japan is not only interesting, but also profitable

Exhibition “Education in Japan” seaside has become necessary for students interested in the language and culture of Japan

Primorsko youth wants to learn Japanese. This passion has led students today and students of Primorsky Krai to the specialized exhibition “Education in Japan”.

As reported correspondent. RIA “news Ujednani Vladivostok”, in the exhibition participated the educational institution of the Country of the Rising Sun. Among the exhibitors – the College of Design in Yokohama, Tokyo College of Art and Design TOYO, women’s University accelerated cycle Hakukho from the city of Nara, three of the Japanese language school Tamagawa, TCC and Yu from Tokyo. In their educational Arsenal not only language programs for foreign, including Russian students, but a number of other areas, where a significant place is occupied by the design in various forms – from modeling clothes to computer graphics.

Note that the exhibition “Education in Japan” is held in Vladivostok for the third time.

– This is proof that the number of Russian students willing to learn the language or get specialized education, is growing, – said the Manager of the company – exhibition organizer License Academy Raisa Belikova . – At our exhibition you can decide Continue reading

Sacred Asia: traditions and stories


Three times I was wrong when wrote that Yana Dubinyanskaya “primitive” books. Due to the late awareness of his idiocy, sprinkled with sand head and tell – she’s good books. But heavy – this, for example, I psychologically very hard to read (although, maybe women will be easier because the author is herself a woman and think they are on the same wavelength). Comparing Dubinyanskiy creativity and Demina-Lesja’s (for me it is the current standard of female drama), I would say that the book is heavier and more hopeless than the first, and the second is more romantic and boring. Big-man-defender any fool can portray. Ugh, well, here again began to glue labels.

In General, the read, guys. Last with such atmosphere I have come across – “the Laws applied euthanasia” Tim and Nikolay skorenko’s “Magic chopper” Stanislaus Burkina. Well, ‘Dangerous liaisons’ by de Laclos.

I’m gonna put a fiver in advance. The Lord never misses a moment to click on the nose about himself imagines readers like me, and I thank him for that ))

Rating: 0 ( 0 for, 0 against).

Liked the book. Perhaps just when the mood came. Here the promised summary of a detective story, a Thriller and Yes, it can be called Continue reading

World Tourism organization


China is amazing the world of melodic sounds and exotic aromas.

Worth a visit great tour on a boat in City Park. Park in the middle of the lake stood a small, cozy island. From which you can admire the wonderful nature of the Park.

Among architectural attractions of the temple is highlighted with the unusual name of – the Temple of Heaven. This building with its turquoise-blue tiled roof looks like the sky. Previously, there was praying in such natural phenomena as thunderstorms, clouds and sun.

The gugong Imperial Palace. On its territory to about 9,000 buildings. And they are all located in a certain sequence, characteristic of all Chinese buildings. According to the theory of “wuxing” everyone in the world controls the five elements: water, fire, earth, metal and wood. Intended for recreation area of water, for the sustenance – on site fire and so on.

Also in China the four cardinal directions-East, South, West and North, represent the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season of the year and geographical area represents a specific animal painted in its color. Dragon – the symbol of the East and of spring – has a color of the blossoming vegetation. The fiery-red Continue reading

National traditions of Korean art


Land of the morning calm, one of the Asian tigers — surely, these associations arise at the mention of South Korea. It’s true: since 1948, when there was a division of Korea into two States, the democratic Republic of Korea has made a huge leap in development, becoming one of the world leaders in the field of information technology. People are the most important wealth of this country. That is why the Koreans really respect and revere their culture. Its about the richness and diversity of the ekibastuzes told the representatives of the Embassy of South Korea in Kazakhstan the delegation for one day arrived in our city.

As noted by the head of the ethno-cultural center “Joseon” Galina Kim, guests of our city — the staff of the cultural center at the Embassy of South Korea in Kazakhstan. This is not the first trip of the delegates — before that, they visited other cities. The purpose of the meetings is to socialize and share cultural experiences, in particular, experience of possession of national musical instruments. So came to visit from Korea empty-handed, brought instruments — drums and flutes. The meeting was held in a seminar format: after the theoretical part was the practical.

I must say that all representatives of the cultural center of the Embassy, arrived in our city Continue reading

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